De Rossi: No Juve weaknesses, but…

Daniele De Rossi says that while Juventus “have no weaknesses, Roma want to keep trying” for the Serie A title.

Roma have not won the Scudetto since 2001, but De Rossi has signed on with the Giallorossi for two more years and is hoping it will be them and not a rival who eventually pips the Old Lady to the League crown in Italy.

“Totti? I always feel him, he’ll never be on his own,” the veteran midfielder said at a Press conference ahead of the International Champions Cup friendly between the two sides on Tuesday.

“But we have to move on, he’ll face a new situation and we’ll also go forward, it’s nothing problematic, although things will be different without him. He’s a great friend.

“Juve? It’ll be a real match and an important part of our preseason. Serie A? Certainly when I started playing in it, the level was high and there’s an example of it to my side [pointing to Maldini].

“Still, a lot of quality can also be found in it now. Our football has been growing for the past 3-4 years and the bar has been raised.

“When facing Juventus in the League, you know the real difficulty lies in their group: their defence is strong and their other departments are well-organised.

“They have no weaknesses, so it won’t be easy against them.

“Would I be happy if someone else won the title, such as Napoli? Absolutely not. In the case Juve don’t win it, I want us to be the team that do.

“It’s difficult to face Juve, but we’re trying and I want to keep trying for two more years.

“Italy? We have a tight-knit group and Ventura can do something similar to what Conte did [at Euro 2016].

“We could be outsiders like in 2016, or maybe a bit luckier…”