Suso reveals Italian interest, but…

Suso reveals “Inter, Napoli and Roma were looking at me” but assures “everything is going in the right direction” over a new contract with Milan.

Suso had been linked with moves to a number of Milan’s rivals earlier in the summer, but reports have since suggested that the Spanish attacker is close to agreeing an extension with the Rossoneri.

“The fans make me feel like a star,” he told Marca.

“The support they give me in the stadium, on social media, in the street… They support me in a way that I didn’t have before.

“Scudetto? I think it’s very difficult, but we don’t have to focus on that because we qualified for the Europa League last season.

“Juve and Napoli are two very good teams, but the club’s objective is to qualify for the Champions League.

“Changes at Milan? When I came, there wasn’t much enthusiasm. Montella did well in this regard. He instructed us to play in a way that isn’t Italian.

“He doesn’t seem Italian because he likes to play out from the back. We scored goals last the weekend because we played the ball from the goalkeeper. These things don’t bother him.

“Bonucci? I’ve seen that he’s a leader and he has so much experience. He’s won almost everything with Juventus for many years. That experience for a young group like ours is very important.

“Will Donnarumma be the best goalkeeper in the world? I think so. Every morning in training, he’s there and he does his job, there’s no trouble.

“He does what he’s told and he’ll [become the best] if he keeps doing what he’s doing.

“When we do shooting training, I agree with how great it is when he widens his arms. He takes half the goal!

“Me renewal? We talked to Galliani before, when Berlusconi was still there.

“We had an agreement but wanted to find another one with the new owners after they arrived.

“We met a few days ago and everything is going in the right direction.

“Italian teams that wanted me? It’s normal for clubs in the country where you play to know you well.

“It’s true that Inter, Napoli and Roma were looking at me, but Milan aren’t going to sell me. I wasn’t up for sale, either for €25, 30 or 80m.

“This is another reason to be happy, to know that your club are counting on you.

“Returning to Spain? It’s not in my plans. I’m very happy here and also my family, club, city… I feel at home.”