No agreement on Lega President

The 20 Serie A clubs have failed to agree on a new Lega President, so will reconvene in around 12 days.

The clubs came together for their annual meeting today, with one of the items on the agenda being a replacement for Maurizio Berretta, who stepped down as Lega Serie A chief in April.

Juventus President Andrea Agnelli and Lazio patron Claudio Lotito were pushing the candidacy of Marco Brunelli, who is currently the general manager, but 15 votes were needed to pass.

The clubs failed to come to the necessary agreement, so the appointment of a new President and all other nominations have been postponed for what Gazzetta dello Sport expects to be around 12 days.

The clubs are still waiting to vote on the statute, and have been locked in discussions for the past four hours at the meeting in Milan.