Lotito: ‘No-one spoke about Lazio’

Claudio Lotito laments “no-one spoke about Lazio’s achievement” after the 4-1 win over Milan on Sunday.

The Biancocelesti thrashed Vincenzo Montella’s side at the weekend, but the President feels all the coverage focused on the Diavolo.

“We have to be like Fantomas,” Lotito told Corriere della Sera.

“We stay hidden and then appear at the right time. In Serie A Lazio dress as a schoolboy from a humble background: he’s in the second row compared to the rich ones, but if his head is screwed on and he’s intelligent will he emerge or not?

“On Monday they only spoke about Milan’s collapse, not Lazio’s achievement.

“[Coach] Simone Inzaghi has quality and when I bet on him I knew he’d be able to get results.

“He complained because La Gazzetta didn’t put us in the top 10, but I said to him: ‘you should be happy to be underestimated, you don’t win Scudetti in newspapers’.

“I know it well, because in football and in politics I’m rather unpopular. Lotito annoys people because he’s autonomous and independent.”

Lotito also spoke to reporters outside the presentation of a half-marathon which will take place in Rome this Sunday, where he discussed his running of the Aquile.

“In football you find players and Coaches, but not Presidents. The most important thing is to have a President-fan and not a fan-President, otherwise you risk what’s happened to so many teams.

“We have the ability to bring people to the front, thanks to the work of everyone.

“Inzaghi was my invention, I brought him from the youth teams and now he’s bearing fruit. You can attribute it to one person, but there are no magicians.

“I can only do things because of the people around me. The sporting director [Igli Tare] proved to be one of the most efficient and capable people, as I had expected.

“Inzaghi’s future? For now he has a contract with Lazio, after that we’ll see.”

Roma are looking to build a new stadium in the Tor di Valle area of the city, and the Lazio President believes both sides should have their own ground.

“There’s no dialogue, we tried to get one going some time ago and were pushed aside,” Lotito said.

“Politcal myopia is what’s led to the fact that Rome’s teams don’t have their own stadiums.”