Ancelotti: ‘No job until June’

Carlo Ancelotti reiterates he won’t take another job until June, and feels “no shame” after being sacked by Bayern Munich.

The German club sacked the former Milan and Juventus Coach last week, with Jupp Heynckes confirmed today as his successor.

Carletto is in Italy to accept an award for his book ‘Il Leader Calmo’ and he spoke to reporters outside the Premio Ghirelli ceremony.

“Bayern Munich is part of the past as far as I’m concerned, I’m still tranquil and calm,” Ancelotti said.

“Being sacked is part of a Coach’s work, and it’s no shame on me. In 22 years I’ve always had good relations with all the players I’ve coached, because I respected all of them.

“That’s how I conducted myself at Bayern too.

“Were the players against me? I don’t know. I respected all of them, but as a Coach I have to make a choice to send 11 onto the pitch and seven to the bench.

“It’s down to the intelligence of the players to accept the choices, and to the club to support their Coach.

“An adventure is over, and another one will start somewhere. Now I’m on holiday and I’ll stay that way for 10 months, until June. I’m not going to come back sooner.

“Roma, Milan or the national team? I respect [Vincenzo] Montella, [Eusebio] Di Francesco and [Giampiero] Ventura, I hope they win all their games from now until the end of the season.

“I still have the urge to coach every day, so I haven’t thought about taking a national team. I’ll only do it when that urge passes.

“Italy have the strength to get to the World Cup and do well, even if there are stronger national teams.

“Football is a team game, and you build fortunes on defensive solidity, which has often happened with Italy.”

Vincenzo Montella joked that Ancelotti could come to Milan and be his assistant.

“Montella has said that he wanted to be my assistant, and that I could be his. We’ll just take turns taking charge of a game.

“We just need to find a club that’ll let us do that, but we’ll find it.”