EDF: Enough questions on Schick!

Roma boss Eusebio Di Francesco has refused to answer any more questions on Patrik Schick ahead of Napoli. “It puts pressure on him…”

Schick has played just 15 minutes of football for Roma since his club-record arrival over the summer due to a hamstring injury, but Di Francesco made it clear he would not rush the former Sampdoria striker on his path to recovery.

“It’ll be a very important match, regardless of the outcome. The winners will gain confidence,” the Coach said a Press conference for Saturday’s clash.

“Against Sarri for the first time with a big team? Now you can see our work. Sarri’s doing an excellent job, which doesn’t surprise me.

“He’s enjoyed huge growth with the 4-3-3 and good readers [of the formation]. He’s done very well, regardless of the numbers.

“Two strikers? Mertens has become their lone striker thanks to his quality and their Coach, who has grown him into the role.

“He’d never played there before, he’s an unorthodox striker, who doesn’t offer a point of reference but moves around more.

“Edin has great presence in the box and also has great technique and movement.

“Strootman and Schick? Neither of the two will be called up. Strootman will be assessed for Chelsea and could recover in time.

“Enough questions about Schick, there isn’t enough time. It puts pressure on the lad, who wants to return quickly.

“I’ll put him on the pitch as soon as he’s able to play, not to make others happy but just for his own good.

“Who has more to lose? Those who lose will be affected psychologically, but there are so many games still to play.

“Performance will be crucial, the team that do the best defensively will pick up a good result.

“Teamwork is crucial. It’s to the team’s credit that they want to achieve something important.

“Can El Shaarawy be managed better in the national team? There were wrong assessments with him.

“We have a great relationship with the national team, so I hope it won’t happen again, I hope they show more care to those who are injured.

“The players also need to be more careful. It’s a shame, but there’s no use in arguing with them.

“I expect everyone to be more careful next time. For now, we’re thinking about getting him back.

“Napoli superior to Juve? Aesthetically without a doubt. They move around like a symphony. It’s not synonymous with results, good football can pay dividends but Juve have a winning mindset, which can make the difference.

“Napoli can be one of the favourites, but Juve will always be the team to beat.

“Will the League be won by the best defence? The best defence isn’t just about four players, although I agree the team that concede the least number of goals will be able to win the title.

“A team can also prevail by carrying out defensive duties in midfield, not just the last few yards.

“Nainggolan? He can play in any position, but he’s doing the best he can as a ‘mezz’ala’. I can’t answer tomorrow [about where he’ll play].”