Albiol: ‘Man City best in Europe’

Napoli centre-back Raul Albiol already has his sights on Manchester City, “the best team in Europe right now. As a defender, I can’t hope for it to end 4-3!”

The Partenopei earned a 1-0 victory away to Roma this evening, sending them five points clear at the top of the Serie A table.

“We are happy to have won a tough game, as it’s always difficult away to Roma. There’s a long way to go yet, we must stay calm and focus on recovering our energy to face the best team in Europe right now, Manchester City,” Albiol told Mediaset Premium.

That Champions League showdown is on Tuesday night and Pep Guardiola’s men are top of the Premier League after crushing Stoke City 7-2.

“I hope it’ll be a great game. Naturally, as a defender, I can’t hope for it to end 4-3, but everyone is waiting for these two teams who attack and score a lot of goals. We hope for a great performance and will be concentrated in Manchester.

“We’re in good shape too, I think the team has improved its mentality from previous years and doesn’t make the same mistakes. Because of that, we are getting more consistent results.

“Juventus will fight to the end, we know that, so we must focus on picking up as many points as possible and continuing our current form.

“We worked all summer to make sure we had such a good start to the season.”

Napoli have won all eight Serie A matches this season, but Coach Maurizio Sarri was still not happy.

“At the final whistle, Sarri told us we were defending too deep in the final 20 minutes, so he told us off. It’s natural to be under pressure against a side like Roma.”