New Lotito anti-Semitism gaffe

Lazio President Claudio Lotito caused more controversy when he said he’d visited “a mosque” rather than a synagogue to apologise for the Anne Frank stickers.

Some Biancocelesti ultras printed and attached stickers to the Curva Sud section of the Stadio Olimpico, where Roma fans usually sit, depicting Holocaust icon Anne Frank in a Roma jersey.

Lotito visited the local synagogue in Rome with a bouquet of flowers to make a public apology for the incident, but was then caught in a recording calling the whole thing “a charade” and complaining he was only greeted by the vice-Rabbi.

The Lazio President dug himself even deeper today in a live television interview with Matrix.

“I went to the mosque to lay a Biancocelesti wreath,” he said.

The host of the Canale 5 programme corrected him. “Synagogue. Try not to get Roma mixed up with Lazio, too…”

The wreath laid by Lotito was later found in the river, as local boys from the Jewish community were upset at what they considered to be an empty gesture.