Lazio get around ultras ban again

Lazio are due to spark further controversy after again getting around a ban for Curva Nord ultras by giving them tickets to the Curva Sud.

Italian football rules can lock down sections of a stadium that were responsible for racist or offensive chants, so Lazio’s Curva Nord was closed for the game against Cagliari.

Instead, the club allowed Curva Nord season ticket holders to move over to the Curva Sud for that match at a nominal cost of €1, effectively not banning these fans, simply shuffling them along.

It was during this ‘ban’ that Lazio ultras put offensive stickers along the Plexiglas wall in the Curva Sud, where Roma fans usually sit for home games, including one of Holocaust icon Anne Frank wearing a Giallorossi jersey.

Lazio’s Curva Nord is given another ban for the match against Udinese on Sunday afternoon, but the club announced it will once again sell tickets to Curva Nord members for other areas of the stadium at a cost of €8m.

It remains to be seen whether the FIGC will try to punish Lazio again for this bending of the rules.

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