Pallotta: ‘Roma good enough for Scudetto’

James Pallotta assures he is always working hard for Roma, including the stadium project. “I believe we can win the Scudetto.”

The American patron spoke to Sports Illustrated, you can read the rest of that interview here.

“I think the last couple years we were good enough (for the Scudetto), too. When [Luciano] Spalletti came in and went undefeated the last 17 games, we weren’t that far behind. And if we had played in the first half of the year before I made the change, there was a period where we had 11 games without a win.

“There were some games against teams that we should have won, and we tied. We’re getting tougher as a team. So do I think so? Yeah.

“By the way, I think the style and the play that’s going on in the Italian league right now is as good as anything that’s going on in any league in Europe. Napoli, Juventus, Inter, Roma, Sampdoria, Lazio. You can have at some point AC Milan and maybe Fiorentina, but certainly those first six or so.

“Atalanta, you go there and play them at home. You know, that’s not an easy game. Which we won at the beginning of the year. We’re looking forward to some other teams going into Atalanta and having to play them there. It’s a very difficult league, frankly.

“So I do think we can win it. We have a game in hand. We’re right there. I think the team feels more and more comfortable with themselves. There’s a togetherness. You could see it after the Lazio game, where they all went out. There were no factions, no smaller groups, no Eastern Europeans versus others. They’re together.”

Pallotta has been criticised for spending so little of his time in Rome, but insists he’s working for the club every day, including the Stadio della Roma project.

“And I think [on Friday] we should have the approvals and announcements on the stadium from the region. So it could be a good Christmas present. A lot changes when people know that we’re definitely getting a stadium.”

“Right now I’m spending substantially more time in Boston. Because there’s the Roma stuff, but I have a bunch of other businesses. But at this time with Roma the last six to nine months, there’s just a lot going on in Boston in terms of stadium stuff. So for instance, [on Tuesday] we’ve had our construction company in again. We’ve had in the project manager. It’s almost like on a daily basis we have stuff going on.

“Yesterday I spent half the day for the architectural firm of our entertainment complex. It’s not like I wouldn’t mind hanging out in Rome and hanging with the team, and I know sometimes people or the media say ‘He’s not in Rome, he’s not in Rome, he’s an absentee owner.’ That couldn’t be farther from the truth. I’m working on a lot of stuff.

“Our commercial operation is run out of London. So I do spend a bunch of time when I’m in Rome going to London too because of the commercial activity. I just do what I have to do.”

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