Spalletti: ‘Has to be Tommasi’

Luciano Spalletti backs Damiano Tommasi to be FIGC President, and praises the Inter fans.

Carlo Tavecchio is stepping down as head of the Italian Federation, but it’s not yet clear who will replace him.

Tommasi, the head of the players’ union has been touted as a possible candidate and he has the backing of the Nerazzurri Coach.

“It’s easy for me, I know him well,” Spalletti explained in today’s Press conference.

“I know his morality, his balance and his mental strength. For me it has to be him, and I saw that also for people who know him less well.”

Inter are encouraging fans to come to San Siro tomorrow to turn the Udinese game into a Christmas party, and Spalletti praised the supporters.

“It’s a benefit for all of football to know that Inter are re-establishing ourselves at the highest levels.

“The more and more we take, the more the value of our league will rise, because you can say that prestige is linked to the quality of the opponents.

“So if this competition is elevated it’s better, and if there’s more emotional engagement it’s better for calcio.

“Last year with Roma I had problems with the supporters, we often played in an empty stadium and the ugliest thing is when the people don’t engage. This year they’re coming back en masse because Roma are good.

“If we have these components we’ll always play at home, never away.”