Higuain: ‘Genoa did nothing’

Gonzalo Higuain claims Genoa “did practically nothing” in the 2-0 Coppa Italia clash and hopes Paulo Dybala finds his Juventus confidence.

“These are games that can be traps. The important thing was to qualify, we did it with great intensity and Genoa practically did nothing,” Pipita told Rai Sport after scoring on Dybala’s assist.

“I could’ve had another goal, but the defender was closing on me and I got the ball stuck under me a little.”

Dybala found the net and created another goal after he’d been dropped for the last two Serie A games.

“I don’t think Dybala was going through a bad patch as such. He started very strong indeed and when he didn’t score for a few games, the criticism was over the top. I hope he can find his balance with this goal.

“It’ll be great to play in a Turin Derby for the Coppa Italia, but first we need to pick up three Serie A points against Roma on Saturday. That is going to be a real battle.”