Totti: One Roma title worth 10

Francesco Totti insists “I’m not jealous of Juventus” as winning one Scudetto with Roma “is worth 10 elsewhere.”

Totti won only the one Scudetto with Roma in 2001, preferring to stay loyal to his hometown club, but the retired No 10 made it clear he had no regrets about not picking up more title medals.

“Roma are candidates for the Scudetto,” he told Sky Sport Italia at the Globe Sports Awards in Dubai.

“They’re one of the three or four teams that will compete for the title. They’re a competitive and top team, and this is a different League to the previous one.

“I’m not jealous of Juve. Roma are only lacking a stadium of their own. The statistics say that it’s more difficult to win a Scudetto at Roma.

“Here, a title is worth 10 elsewhere. We hope this Roma can grow and improve in every sense.

“Dybala? I see it difficult for him to come to Roma. if he changes team, I don’t think he’ll come here.

“It’s paper talk. I think he’ll stay at Juventus. He has the chance to win things with that team.

“De Rossi? I miss him because I was close to him on the team bus when we’d go to the stadium, besides the fact that I won games with him, even if we didn’t win much together.

“My son Cristian? I saw Roma’s match against Barcelona and it didn’t go well for him.

“It was the first time that I watched him on a screen. It excited me a bit. I saw myself again at times.

“I watched that game as if it was my path. I hope he doesn’t hear these words so he doesn’t feel any pressure, but I’ll be proud of him if he does well.”