Bernardeschi: ‘Scudetto a two-horse race’

Federico Bernardeschi believes the 3-1 win at Verona was “a clear signal to the rest of the league,” as Juventus and Napoli break away.

The Bianconeri remain within a point of leaders Napoli at the halfway stage of the season, but open up a six-point gap from third-placed Inter.

“It’s an important victory and we end the year on a high,” the winger told Mediaset Premium.

“The equaliser from Martin Caceres was a slap in the face, but we got right back on track, which is what a great team always does.

“I’d say it’s a two-horse race for the Scudetto, as we opened up a good advantage from the chasing pack and sent a clear signal to the rest of the league.”

Today Inter, Roma and Lazio all shared the spoils, as only Juve and Napoli won in the top five.