Spalletti: ‘I didn’t say anything bad’

Inter Coach Luciano Spalletti did not deny the quotes attributed to him by the Corriere della Sera. “I don’t think I said anything in particular.”

Among the comments he told fans when meeting outside a restaurant were that Roma President James Pallotta “made it clear to me he’d sell the best players. I went beyond our means.

“Inter do not want to spend and the environment is always one step away from madness, like Roma.”

This evening, Spalletti spoke to reporters in the mixed zone after the Inter youth team eliminated Spartak Moscow from the UEFA Youth League.

“When fans stop me in the street, if they come to me with the right attitude, I stop and talk,” noted Spalletti.

“At times we talk about some issues. In this case, after that game, I found some Roma fans outside who were waiting for me, then others outside a restaurant. We took some photographs and talked.

“There were a lot of Romanisti around, so consequently I don’t think I said anything in particular. You’d have to be more specific and have the chance to evaluate words, because what I read quickly in the paper seems like the same topics we discuss in Press conferences too.

“If someone wants to discuss these in greater detail, we can talk about it. I don’t think I said anything bad, but if there’s the desire to attack me, the words can be made to look that way.

“It’s no secret that Suning have set some parameters on the transfer market, we’re not discovering this now. I said there was a ‘depressed atmosphere’ because there is the fear of falling back into past mistakes. I must find a way of lifting the team back up.”

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