Spalletti blasts ‘soundbite’ article

Luciano Spalletti bitterly criticised the media for their coverage of his comments to fans. “It was reduced to a few soundbites.”

The Corriere della Sera newspaper published a conversation the Inter Coach had with Roma supporters, in which he confessed they were much like Roma in the reticence to spend money.

“Great journalism is led by heart and truth. These are two elements I saw very little of in this piece,” said Spalletti in his Press conference.

“I want to clarify one thing that interests me. It is an article where too many things, almost all of them, aren’t fair. I don’t have to justify myself, because I have nothing to say with regards to what happened.

“I speak to everyone in a fair way, but what I do not appreciate is that the article highlighted my supposedly saying the club didn’t want to spend and Inter were on the verge of madness. That’s nothing to joke about.

“You can read into that the desire to hurt us, this controversy created on purpose to drive a wedge between me and the club. This is what I absolutely cannot accept.

“It was 20 days ago, but if I remember rightly we were talking about the clear difference between our current results and those at the start of the season. I can’t remember the precise words I used, but that was the basis for the discussion.

“We risk madness based on these results, but it was referring to us. We must bring out something more and then see. I chatted with those fans for an hour, but only five minutes of quotes emerged. Let’s see the other 55 minutes.”

Spalletti was also quoted as complaining Roma President James Pallotta told him the best players would be sold.

“I discussed the same thing with you in these Press conferences, the fact that clubs have certain rules and regulations to abide by, so we have to work within that ringfence.

“When I arrived at Roma, they sold a few players, and the year before they sold Miralem Pjanic. At the same time, I said that we must stay within certain parameters and cannot blame the President for that.

“I pointed out that Roma have one of the best midfields in Serie A. It seems to me as if someone wanted to concentrate what I said into a few soundbites.”

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