Sacchi: ‘Calcio needs a style’

Legendary Coach Arrigo Sacchi laments “until we have a style” it’ll be hard for Serie A teams to improve in Europe.

Both Roma and Juventus have qualified for the Quarter-Finals of the Champions League, the first time in 11 years that two Italian teams have made it to this stage.

However, the former Milan boss was in no mood to get carried away, insisting calcio is still behind in Europe.

“Until we have a style it’ll be hard for us to improve,” Sacchi said on Premium Sport.

“We can win with struggle and tactics on any given evening, but it’s the style that gives you the leap in quality.

“Unfortunately fans don’t demand style, not even the Press and the television companies do, they all comment and praise the result.

“I look at the example of Spain, a nation that has evolved so much and where they see football as a spectacle.

“In that world technique is fundamental and when they realised that, they made a leap in quality as a team.

“In Spain, a victory which wasn’t deserved and beautiful is not a victory.”

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