Totti, Fowler appeal for calm

Roma legend Francesco Totti has called on fans to show “fair play, hospitality and respect for our opponents” against Liverpool on Wednesday.

Two Roman men are accused of an assault on Reds fan Sean Cox ahead of the first leg, and will stand trial in England next month.

Tensions are therefore high ahead of the second leg, and the Giallorossi’s favourite son has warned fans to behave themselves.

“As Wednesday’s game approaches, we have already started to dress our city in Giallorosso,” Totti told Roma’s official website.

“The world is watching and we want to show Rome in its smartest suit: we are its ambassadors and we carry a great responsibility, both inside and outside the Stadio Olimpico.

“Support our players with the love and the passion that has always set us apart, doing so in a way that ensures our focus – and that of the players – is not taken away from the pitch: now more than ever they are the centre of our world.

“On Wednesday, in every part of Rome, we must demonstrate once again the values that we all stand for: those of fair play, hospitality and respect for our opponents.”

Liverpool legend Robbie Fowler also issued a statement, cautioning against revenge attacks.

“I would ask Liverpool fans to remember Sean Cox in Rome, and conduct themselves as they have conducted themselves all season in Europe. They have been brilliant.

“The fans have been a credit to the club wherever they have been this season and I know that will continue.

“I am assured – and I am totally confident – Liverpool have done everything in their power to work with the Rome authorities to ensure a safe and fun environment for both sets of fans, and I welcome and applaud that.

“Not one Liverpool fan has been arrested in any European game this season, which shows how well behaved they are on their travels.

“Most importantly though, is that we think of a man who went to watch a football game, and still hasn’t gone home.

“Everyone says Sean is such a kind man, and I know his family will be worried sick. We all need to support them, and Liverpool fans can honour him with their impeccable behaviour in Rome, just as they have done all season.”

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