Fan clubs unite for Sean Cox

Roma and Liverpool fans will have a joint viewing party in Dublin on Sunday, raising money for the Sean Cox Fund. “It’s an opportunity to reinforce our friendship.”

Cox was attacked by thugs outside Anfield ahead of the Champions League semi-final and remains in critical condition with a head injury.

The two Italians were identified as members of the hard-line Fedayn group and remain in custody in Liverpool ahead of a court appearance on May 24.

Despite the ugly and isolated incident, the two sets of fans maintain mutual respect and have come together to raise funds for Cox’s medical bills.

Emmet Kavanagh of Irish Liverpool Reds raised over €87,000 via GoFundMe and on Sunday, AS Roma Ireland will present their contribution of €500.

It’s also the opportunity for a celebration, as the two groups co-host a viewing party for the Roma-Juventus match at Murray’s Bar in Dublin.

“After what happened, I did not feel comfortable wearing my Roma jersey in public,” confessed Roma Club Ireland President Stefano Sale on the official Giallorossi website.

“I would get the odd bad eye by anyone in the street or down the local supermarket in Dublin. The media certainly negatively influenced public opinion. But it would have been the same the other way around.

“Football clubs need to deal with such minority crowds, outside the fan base. It is our duty to identify them and to make sure they no longer enter football stadiums. 99% of football fans are clean.

“The technology is there, we need to make sure we catch the offenders and set examples. Let’s not get our image be spoiled by a group of thugs.

“Our club members had met before during the two semi-finals. When we told them we were fundraising for Sean, the idea of having a joint event came about.

“It’s an opportunity to reinforce our friendship and socialise together by watching their game versus Brighton and our game versus Juventus in the same place.”

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