Capello: ‘Juve rivals are weak’

Fabio Capello confirmed his retirement from coaching, gave Gigi Buffon advice and explained why Juventus dominate “weak” Serie A.

The tactician spoke to RMC Sport about several topics, including the Scudetto race that saw Juve pip Napoli to the finish line.

“Napoli are ready to compete with Juventus. Perhaps Maurizio Sarri needs to rotate a bit more and realise he can change system occasionally, something that Roma were also missing at key moments of the campaign,” said Capello.

“A Coach must be capable of reshuffling his team. Courage, capability and vision, that’s what Max Allegri showed at Juventus. Now everyone knows how Napoli play and that makes them predictable, but he does deserve credit for building a pretty solid defence.

“Juventus are so dominant because the other teams in Serie A are weak. In the days of my Milan, we were fighting against Parma, Fiorentina, Lazio, Inter and Juventus, so to win was a huge effort.

“In recent years, Serie A isn’t competitive. Juventus even started with a handicap and still win. Next year could be different, but it depends on what the teams in the Champions League do.

“Napoli can close the gap, while Inter are laying down the foundations to build on and can become very competitive if they choose the right two reinforcements. Roma also have potential, but mustn’t make a mistake on the market.”

Capello recently left Jiangsu Suning and announced his retirement.

“I can confirm, I’m done. I am 72 years old and have fun doing the job of commentator. I no longer want to experience certain tension, even if I do struggle to say no to many offers. At a certain point, it’s better to stop with dignity.”

Buffon announced at the age of 40 that he will leave Juventus, but is considering proposals from abroad.

“I know Gigi well, he’s a great man and has the courage to say things without hiding. If he has decided to continue, it’s because he received an offer worthy of his name. If he believes that he can still perform like the real Buffon, then he’s right to carry on.”

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