Roma fan jailed for Liverpool violence

Roma fan Daniele Sciusco has been sentenced to two-and-a-half years in prison for his part in violence ahead of the Champions League tie with Liverpool.

Cox was brutally attacked outside Anfield before Roma’s 5-2 defeat in the Champions League semi-finals in April.

The Irish fan thankfully regained consciousness last month, and Sciusco was not directly involved in the assault upon him.

Instead the 29-year-old has admitted to violent disorder outside of the ground, with previous good behaviour taken into account by the judge.

“The footage shows that you were close by when it happened, though I am keen to stress you were not directly responsible for that assault,” judge Brown said, as reported by the Liverpool Echo, with an interpreter relaying his words to Sciusco.

“Nonetheless it did occur during the violent disorder in which you were a willing participant and it is relevant to the level or harm caused by it. I am entitled to consider the overall impact of the violent disorder in general.

“The incident involving Mr Cox was followed by scuffles and violent skirmishes between your group and Liverpool fans and, after the Liverpool fans had grown in number, the situation got worse.

“The confrontation caused some innocent fans to run away for fear of being caught up in the violence. It also led to a large group of Liverpool fans charging towards your group.

“At this stage the situation has escalated considerably but it seems to be a very important consideration that it had been your group which had provoked and caused the trouble.

“It is important to stress again you are not being sentenced for dreadful attack on Mr Cox but it did occur during the violent disorder of which you were a part. The impact on him and his family has been catastrophic.

“Daniele Sciusco, you are 29 and have no previous convictions, there is a bundle of character testimonials where you are described as a decent person, you appear to come from a good law abiding family and when you were arrested you were in full time employment, it is to their considerable credit that your parents are here today and endeavouring to stand by you. I have no doubt they must be appalled by your behaviour.

“You pleaded guilty on May 24 and in accordance with sentencing guidelines you will receive 25 per cent credit for it. There are no sentencing guidelines for the particular offence, and I note the maximum sentence is one of five years imprisonment.

“There will be the usual statutory charge, taking into account all that I have I have come to conclusion that the appropriate sentence should be two and a half years imprisonment.”

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