Mancini: ‘Chelsea will improve Jorginho’

Roberto Mancini believes Jorginho can “improve physically and technically” at Chelsea, while Italy have those with the potential to reach Roberto Baggio’s level.

The new Azzurri boss is preparing for UEFA Nations League matches against Poland on September 7 and Portugal on September 10.

“Nobody believes in us, but that’s the best thing in a way,” Mancio told Radio Deejay.

“I think we have elements of enormous quality. At this moment in history there aren’t players like Roberto Baggio or Francesco Totti on the scene, but there are those with the potential to reach that level.

“In the past we lacked defenders in Italy, then they returned, and now we need players in other roles more. It is a problem that there aren’t many Italian players on the field in Serie A. I hope they get to play more regularly, especially the younger players.

“For example, Federico Bernardeschi has enormous quality and he showed that at Fiorentina too. It’s obvious that Juventus play to win every game and he is growing with that mentality.”

There is a midfield issue for the Azzurri, where Jorginho seems to be flourishing at Chelsea, whereas Marco Verratti has plateaued at Paris Saint-Germain.

“Marco’s problem is he is not fully fit and I hope he can recover quickly. Jorginho was one of the best midfielders in Europe while at Napoli, so playing at Chelsea will improve him even more, both physically and technically.”

Mancini cast his eye over the current Serie A scene, with the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo raising the level even more at Juventus.

“I experienced Serie A with the other Ronaldo… It’s a pity he only came to Italy now, as he could’ve joined 15 years ago when he was in Portugal and all the best wanted Serie A. He raises the level of the league even now.

“I saw Roma play at Torino and they did very well, have a lot of young players and perhaps need a few more Italians. I want to see Milan tonight, while Inter and Juve strengthened on the market this summer.”

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