UEFA reduce Roma ban on appeal

Roma director general Mauro Baldissoni confirmed “UEFA have reduced the ban on appeal” so fans can attend their first Champions League away match.

The Giallorossi were originally fined €50,000 after the clashes outside Anfield ahead of their semi-final defeat to Liverpool.

They were also barred from selling tickets to fans for their first away fixture, with another ban as a suspended sentence.

“I am satisfied to announce that UEFA have reduced the ban on appeal, so the new verdict is just one match as a suspended sentence,” Baldissoni told Roma Radio this morning.

“That means for the first game, it will be possible to follow Roma away from home. Obviously, we invite the supporters to behave properly.

“We have also lodged an appeal for the three-month ban to President James Pallotta. It seems excessive, as he was just letting off steam about refereeing decisions. The verdict will be delivered at the end of September.”

The decision comes just 24 hours after Roma supporter Daniele Sciusco was sentenced to two-and-a-half years in prison for his part in the attack on Liverpool fan Sean Cox.

The judge made it clear Sciusco was close to the incident sparked by his group, but “not directly responsible for that assault.”

Roma unveiled a new platform in the Stadio Olimpico for the ultras leaders to stand on, allowing them to lead the chants without clambering on to the top of the Plexiglas walls.

“It’s an initiative we’ve been working on since midway through last season, an attempt to overcome some difficulties between those who want to respect the rules and the needs of the organised fan groups.

“This is a solution that provides safety and no fines. However, only two people can be on it at the same time and we are sure it’ll improve the fan experience inside the stadium.”

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