Monchi: ‘Always have alternatives’

Roma sporting director Monchi explains his philosophy – “it’s important to have a Plan B”.

The Spaniard won widespread acclaim for his work at Sevilla, and has been working with the Giallorossi for the past two seasons.

“The most important skill for a sports director is to be practical, because there is no time to waste,” Monchi told a seminar in London, as reported by Gianluca Di Marzio’s website.

“We must always be reachable, able to communicate with those who take care of the scouting department, and above all know how to delegate when needed.

“In fact, the work of a sporting director is a team effort, and you need to know that if you want to get to the top.

“I don’t consider myself a negotiator, you need to have much more of a cool head than me. My strategy is to always have several options.

“For example, if I seek a team out and they know I like a goalkeeper who is worth €7-10m, they may well ask me for €15m.

“It’s important to have a plan B straight away, but not just that – you need as long a list as possible of alternatives.

“It’s very important too for all parties to be satisfied, because everything comes back. You should always leave yourself in the best position, but never take advantage of the other party.

“You’ll reap the benefits over time.”

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