Dzeko: ‘Biggest Roma regret’

Roma hitman Edin Dzeko answered fan questions in a Reddit AMA, covering his career, favourite goal, biggest regret and most irritating teammate.

The Bosnia international took part in the AMA (Ask Me Anything) from the Roma training ground this evening.

Having played for Manchester City, he was asked whether that derby or the one in Rome was more passionate.

“I think I would probably say that there is more pressure in Italy to win the derby. If you lose, you know it will not be easy for days afterwards and the fans will be devastated.

“You can lose the games before but you have to win the derby! For both derbies the fans really, really want to win… but perhaps in England they get over losing it a bit easier.”

Dzeko confessed his favourite goal was in the Champions League at Stamford Bridge last season.

“I think that one against Chelsea was probably the most beautiful… but my favourite was my first goal for the national team, on my debut against Turkey. It was a good goal, a half-volley into the top corner… just to play for my country was a dream come true, but to score a goal as well was incredible.

“Winning the league with Wolfsburg, last-minute goal to win against QPR with Man City, and with Rome… the best is still to come! (but obviously Barcelona was pretty good).

“I’ve seen some of the questions about that QPR game – honestly, yeah, people always remember the Aguero goal – but that is fine, because without my goal that goal would not have been possible… and with both of them we won the league. So I am fine with that!

“In my career I’ve definitely been lucky to play alongside so many great forwards, great strikers. At Manchester City we always had four great strikers. Of course there was Aguero, who was just always, always scoring goals – but Jovetic, Tevez, Balotelli, Negredo… these were all quality forwards.

“Then I came to Roma, where Totti was perhaps playing more as a No. 10 – and as I’ve always said it was just a shame we didn’t play together earlier in his career, as I know I would have scored so many goals with his vision and ability. But I also played for two years alongside Mo Salah, who was just a great partner to have with his speed and ability. Now we have Cengiz and Schick, who I am sure will keep improving and reach the highest level.

“As you guys have mentioned, at Wolfsburg I had a great partnership with Grafite and Mandzukic, we worked well together.”

Who is the most philosophical teammate he has worked with?

“I would say Vincent Kompany, he is very interested in things beyond football and he would always have books and papers with him in the changing room, on the bus and stuff like that. He was always studying.

“At Roma, on the pitch Daniele De Rossi is someone who can always see the game in advance. Kostas Manolas thinks he can, but I’m not so sure!

“Let’s say the biggest clown is Kostas Manolas! 24/7 he is talking, talking… he never stops!”

Roma reached the Champions League semi-final last season and went out to Liverpool, but it’s something he regrets and a game he’d love to play over.

“I just think we gave it away too easily there at Anfield, and made it difficult for ourselves to get back into it at the Olimpico.

“I’m not thinking about retirement at all… I’ve got a good few years left in me yet. But, of course yes, football can be incredibly glamorous and that is what the fans mostly see – but behind that there is a lot of things that go into it for players, some of it hard.

“Football is not so easy, not like everyone thinks. I know people often think about the money, but we all started because we love the game and we wanted to become good at it. And there is pressure and hard work that goes into achieving that.”

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