‘Clamp down on territorial discrimination’

New FIGC President Gabriele Gravina warns Juventus, Roma and Udinese face punishment for anti-Neapolitan chants of “territorial discrimination.”

The insults towards those from the South of Italy are already treated on the same level as racist chants, but the situation is degenerating.

On Saturday, the chants were clearly heard during both Juventus 2-0 SPAL and Udinese 1-0 Roma.

“The continued chants with evident territorial discrimination in Italian stadiums represent uncivilised behaviour that must be condemned and contrasted with determination,” wrote Federation chief Gravina.

“We have to intensify educational programmes that involve fans and apply the existing rules with more vigour.

“I have written to both AIA (Referees’ Association) President Marcello Nicchi and refereeing designator Nicola Rizzoli, and we shared our evaluations.”

Although these chants – such as ‘Vesuvius wash them with lava’ – are meant to be treated the same way as racist insults, only once has a game been temporarily stopped because of it.

The fact these offensive chants are now being heard in games not even involving Napoli is a worrying trend.

Part of the issue, which Juventus have pointed to before, is that the ultras know there will be a fine if they make these chants and use these as a method of blackmail or a show of their power to damage the club.

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