Rai chief apologises to Juventus

New director of Rai 2, Carlo Freccero, has apologised to Juventus for claiming they “control all the VAR” and assured he was “joking.”

During his presentation Press conference as chief of the second biggest State-run television station in Italy, Freccero had made some remarkable comments that hit the headlines.

“I only watch the Premier League now, because Juventus always win in Italy. That’s because they have occupied all of VAR, it’s something out of this world.

“All of the VARs are controlled by them. They’re manoeuvring, doing this, that and the other… it’s irritating. Forza Roma!”

Freccero was invited to Rai Sport to clarify the statements, confessing his local shopkeeper had refused to sell him any more newspapers until he apologised.

“I told him, I joke all the time. I saw online there are 7-8 million Juventini, which proves the strength of the club is in the sheer number of fans they’ve got.

“People told me they were hurt, stunned offended, but sort yourselves out, we are joking here. We were just having a bit of fun. Football is the only moment where we get to be a bit convivial.

“So, I apologise to Juventus. I bow down and apologise, but I also reiterate they shouldn’t have had that penalty against Sampdoria. That much I confirm!”

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