Lazio: ‘Ignore minority racist fans’

Lazio spokesman Arturo Diaconale insists reporting racist and Anti-Semitic chants is “a form of psychosis focusing on either a minority or non-existent incidents.”

There have been several examples of offensive chants, posters and banners in recent weeks, involving Inter, Roma and Lazio ultras.

During the first half of Lazio’s 4-1 Coppa Italia victory over Novara, multiple sources reported hearing racist and Anti-Semitic chants aimed at Roma by a group of Biancocelesti ultras.

As the stadium was half-empty, the chants were more easily audible.

“I am here to talk about the racist and Anti-Semitic chants that are supposed to have happened,” began Lazio spokesman Diaconale in the Press room.

“I am part of the 98 per cent of people in the stadium who didn’t hear them. The club naturally condemns any racist or Anti-Semitic chant, but we have to consider the dimensions of the phenomenon.

“I think it’s a form of psychosis focusing on either a minority or non-existent incidents. I read about chants as if the entire stadium had participated in them. We mustn’t turn this into a mass panic over nothing.

“I invite our colleagues in the media to give the right degree of consideration to incidents that would normally be ignored.”

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