Four Serie A sides in Deloitte top 20

Juventus lead the Italian representation in the Deloitte Football Money League for 2019, with Inter, Roma and Milan also in the top 20.

Juve have dropped out of the top 10, falling behind Tottenham Hotspur in 11th place after their revenue dropped from €405.7m to €394.9m.

Inter, on the other hand, have gone up a spot to 14th, posting a turnover of €280.8m, while Roma are the biggest movers from Italy.

Their run to last season’s Champions League semi-finals sees them back in the top 20, taking 15th place after they made €250m in revenue.

Finally, Milan join the Giallorossi back in the Money League, turning over €207.7m to not only rank 18th but also knock Napoli off the list.

Deloitte Football Money League 2019 in full:

1.    Real Madrid (€750.9m)

2.    Barcelona (€690.4m)

3.    Manchester United (€666m)

4.    Bayern Munich (€629.2m)

5.    Manchester City (€568.4m)

6.    Paris Saint-Germain (€541.7m)

7.    Liverpool (€513.7m)

8.    Chelsea (€505.7m)

9.    Arsenal (€439.2m)

10.  Tottenham Hotspur (€428.3m)

11.  Juventus (€394.9m)

12.  Borussia Fortmund (€317.2m)

13.  Atletico Madrid (€304.4m)

14.  Inter (€280.8m)

15.  Roma (€250m)

16.  Schalke (€243.8m)

17.  Everton (€212.9m)

18.  Milan (€207.7m)

19.  Newcastle United (€201.5m)

20.  West Ham United (€197.9m)

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