EDF: ‘I won’t quit Roma bench’

Eusebio Di Francesco ruled out the possibility of resigning after Roma’s 7-1 humiliation against Fiorentina. “Tactics are pointless without mentality.”

The Coppa Italia quarter-final defeat arrived just days after they fumbled a 3-0 lead to draw 3-3 with Atalanta in Serie A.

“Any comment I make now would be superfluous,” the Coach said in the Press conference.

“We cannot afford to be embarrassed like that and behave that way during a game. It was a terrible performance in every area.

“I want to make my evaluations with a cool head, not in the heat of the moment, because to be honest my mood right now is not the best.

“I will reflect on the situation and I am sure the club will too. Tonight’s match confirmed some issues that had been only hinted at during the campaign.

“However, I can rule out a resignation. That has never been a thought in my mind.”

Di Francesco was asked what had disappointed him the most this evening.

“That in the moment of difficulty, we lost our heads. I don’t think my goalkeeper made a save and yet we conceded seven goals. Until now, Roma have had one of the best defences in Serie A. Unfortunately, tactics are worthless when they are not accompanied by other elements.

“We had talked about it with a smile in recent weeks, discussing a team that had ‘recovered’ from its ills. But we lose ourselves so easily, it is simply a psychological issue. We can do all the tactical debate we want, but without mentality, it’s pointless.

“All we can do is apologise to our fans. I struggle to explain what happened, as it was a game we got wrong in every conceivable way. It was shameful.

“The frustrating thing is it’s so inexplicable. Every time we think we are healed, we discover the illness is still there.”

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