Sacchi: ‘Juve not optimistic’

Arrigo Sacchi said Milan and Inter do not have an identity yet, whereas the Juventus approach is “not very optimistic.”

The Bianconeri have long been criticised by the former Milan and Italy tactician, who on the other hand praised Maurizio Sarri’s Napoli.

“I maybe changed the way football is played in the world, but not in Italy,” Sacchi told Radio 2.

“In Italy, there is a cultural refusal to change. Let me be clear, there is better football played in Serie A now compared to many other eras, while some teams play optimistic football, whereas others always choose the path of prudence.

“I like sides that try to win and deserve their victory by giving the fans an emotional response. Atalanta have their own style and that is one of the few things that need to be relied on. Milan and Inter do not have their style yet, while Napoli had one style under Sarri and have another with Carlo Ancelotti.

“Juventus are a great team, but they play Italian football and it’s not very optimistic. They do it very well, of course. I love Italy and tried with all my strength to give an approach to football that was not afraid or defensive.

“Roma have a fantastic Coach in Eusebio Di Francesco, but Rome is such a difficult city to work in.”

Sacchi also cast his eye over the current Italy squad and their tactician Roberto Mancini.

“He is really surprising me, in a positive way. Now all the teams are packed with foreign players, so it’s difficult to find enough talents for the Nazionale.”

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