Roma turf behind muscular injuries?

The former Roma fitness coach claims their repeated injuries might be due to the Trigoria training ground. “The ground is harder than normal.”

Another season has begun with a series of muscular problems for Giallorossi players and Chris Smalling is the latest victim in training today.

“There can be many reasons for this type of injury,” former Roma fitness Coach Paolo Rongoni told Retesport.

“If a pitch is harder or softer, that depends on the height of the grass and the various strata of the ground. Some are so rigid that they can be compared to asphalt and consequently the muscles harden.

“The training ground at Trigoria is a little harder normal. That is probably one of the reasons, although there are also lifestyle choices of the athletes and training methods.

“There is also a psychological element, as a player with recurring injuries might not be entirely free and easy when moving. If a player is stressed, the muscles harden and are more likely to tear.”