Spalletti: ‘Inter, give me Champions’

Luciano Spalletti reveals he told Inter “to give me back what I left behind at Roma – Champions League football” and warned “some players will have to go elsewhere.”

The new Coach takes over at a club that finished seventh last season, missing out on Europe altogether.

“I am convinced the team has quality and we said those things that we can partly reveal and partly not,” Spalletti opened at his Press conference.

“I expressed my thoughts on the squad, what I saw from the outside, the journey we’ll have to build together and how they need to give me back what I left behind at Roma. I left Champions League football to come here and they need to give it back to me.

“I am convinced some players will overturn our convictions on their qualities. There are also players who had best go elsewhere to prove themselves. We must do well from the start, which means some had best be integrated to reinforce the squad and others for their own good should go elsewhere.

“We are seeking expert players who bring that support and knowledge of consistent performances every day. A young lad might bring hunger and vivaciousness, but he’ll be inconsistent.

“We need to find that balance in our minds and on the field to be a strong squad. I can’t go around saying this one stays, that one goes. If someone goes elsewhere to play, it’s simply an issue of space, but their qualities are beyond doubt. If they have suddenly become ‘normal’ players, that’s down to the moment they were going through.”

Is Marcelo Brozovic one of the players he hopes to revitalise or will the Croatia international be shown the door?

“It depends on his intentions. His quality is obvious to everyone, albeit inconsistent, but he knows how to do more or less everything. In the evaluations we made on the situation, a great deal depends on him. He’s very strong, better than most, but what he’s done so far is not enough.

“They all need to do different things and the players know that. It was part of our initial discussion.

“Mauro Icardi is a great striker who is above all good in the box, so everyone wants a player like that. He must do well to attack the space, but also to dialogue with his teammates and I’m curious to see what he can do elsewhere on the pitch.”

Spalletti reveals he received a very special message of good luck from Manchester United.

“The clearest sign I got that Inter really take over your heart was from Jose Mourinho. He wished me the best, because this is a team still in his heart.”