Spalletti: ‘Inter must keep promises’

Luciano Spalletti warns Inter that he expects a stellar transfer campaign. “I was promised certain things and if they are not maintained, I’ll speak out.”

The Coach held a Press conference at the start of their pre-season training camp and was asked about the lack of purchases so far.

“I was promised certain things and if they are not maintained, I’ll come back here and speak out,” noted Spalletti.

“When promises are made, they have to be kept and some players need to be bought. As I said, I am not more talented a Coach than those who have been here before me. We need players to integrate into a good squad, but an incomplete one.

“I keep reading in the papers that there are €150m to spend on the market, but someone’s got to bring out this money. We have Piero Ausilio and Walter Sabatini, who know the transfer market like the inside of their pockets, so let’s leave them to work in peace.”

Instead, the former Roma Coach focused on getting the best out of those currently at his disposal.

“A fundamental component is the character of players. Some might think they do two or three things and save the game. That’s not right. Refusing to give up is an important quality.

“I’ve seen Inter lower their level of aggression and determination during games and it must not happen now. We’ve got to work on it.”