Sabatini: ‘Inter need pride’

Walter Sabatini says Inter’s players need “a pride in belonging” and warns all Italian clubs operate in a “second market”.

The former Roma sporting director is acting as a technical advisor for the Nerazzurri, who so far this summer haven’t made any truly big signings.

“The relationship with a foreign ownership is much more complicated,” Sabatini said when asked about Suning Group, who own the club.

“The problem is that we have the presumption in thinking that our western culture, our way of seeing things and framing a problem, is the right one, even the only one.

“I’m trying to understand how the Chinese approach life and other things, to figure out how they’ll face football issues.

“Meanwhile, as Spalletti pointed out, it takes thought and a pride in belonging. Whoever plays for the Nerazzurri must remember that Inter is a truly international club.

“The squad is all made up of good players, but maybe the character is lacking, as well as the right tactical integration. First of all we’ll work on that.

“After that we can do well, even if the transfer market is very difficult.

“It’s difficult because we’re experiencing a very dangerous and speculative bubble. There are unsustainable prices for players in Italy today.

“Whenever a €222m clause is paid, even if it’s for a top player [Neymar] it produces an effect that dopes all the other prices.

“Could Toni Kroos come to Inter? It’s a hypothesis with no foundation, it’s a wish by the northern newspapers, but with no foundation.

“Can any top players come to Italy? No. No Italian team has the strength to do it. We have to work on another level, on a second market and find the talent first.

“Once they’ve been affirmed and acclaimed, they won’t come anymore. That’s just how it is.”

Sabatini was also asked about Leonardo Bonucci’s move from Juventus to Milan.

“Frankly it’s amazing. I always thought of him as an institutional player for Juve, but it’s something that can happen in today’s football which devours players, directors and Coaches.

“It’s a disaster that not only can we not have that feeling, but not even players who win and are secure in a club like Juventus.

“Bonucci’s decision can only be down to his discomfort, there’s no other reason.”