Stadio della Roma doomed?

A politician claims the Rome authorities have already decided to reject the Stadio della Roma project, even if they’re trying to be publicly in favour of it.

The plans to create a purpose-built arena in the Tor di Valle area of the city has been beset by problems and dragged on ever since President Jim Pallotta took over.

An initial version was rejected, a new one introduced with massive changes, but time is running out to pass it.

There are increasing reports over the last couple of days that there are too many problems with the various elements of the project, above all when it comes to transport links and disruption.

“The opinions on the stadium from the Comune and the Metropolitan Commission are very clear: the two administrations run by the Cinque Stelle party and Mayor Virginia Raggi unequivocally reject the new project with an infinite series of exceptions and adjustments,” said PD politician Marco Palumbo in a statement.

“Formally, they kept their opinions quiet and pretended they were in favour, but it is all fake. The Cinque Stelle and Mayor Raggi have always been against the project and now that they control the institutions, sneakily, they are definitively sinking it.”

A more likely outcome, notes Il Tempo newspaper, is that the committees will delay voting until so many changes have been made that they will need to begin a whole new commission.