Roma unveil new club HQ

Roma have opened their new club HQ in the Eur area of the city. “We’ve brought Roma back to the centre of the city.”

The brand new offices were unveiled with a ceremony attended by, among others, Mayor of Rome Virginia Raggi and Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte.

“I am here as both the Prime Minister and a Roma fan. I don’t know which role is easier to handle,” joked Conte.

“I am a maniacal Romanista, but I must admit I do always cheer on the other Italian teams in Europe. I can’t even manage to wish Lazio ill when they play in the Europa League.

“I like the squad we’ve got right now and am confident for their Champions League progress. It also seems to me as if the Stadio Della Roma project has been improved, so the council and Mayor Raggi deserve praise for that.”

Club director Mauro Baldissoni highlighted the change of location for their offices.

“We’ve brought Roma back to the centre of the city.”