Lazio claim Roma conspiracy

Lazio claim there is a conspiracy against the club, influenced by ‘the other team in the capital’.

The Aquile’s penalty during their 2-2 draw with Sassuolo was deemed soft by some quarters of the Italian Press, prompting spokesman Arturo Diaconale to take aim at the media and Roma.

“To say that yesterday’s penalty wasn’t one is totally wrong speculation,” he told Lazio Style Channel.

“We must accept that there’s a certain attitude on the part of the bigger publications, the northern-based ones, who have every interest in putting Lazio in a bad light to favour other teams.

“The Press is saying and writing things that aren’t true, like Lazio were favoured yesterday.

“VAR has penalised us in a decisive manner. We’ve witnessed some bizarre situations this season.

“Just think of the penalty that went against us during the SPAL game: a penalty that will go into the history books of Serie A.

“Even the defender admitted he had not been fouled, yet the intervention was nonetheless punished.

“They want to make Lazio’s journey difficult in the coming weeks, especially for their two clashes with Milan in the League and Coppa Italia.

“This media attitude creates a kind of psychosis, which threatens to distort the campaign. The media must be independent and autonomous, not partisan.

“Yesterday’s penalty absolutely had to be given, not because of the referee’s subjectivity, but rather because the rules say so.

“Unfortunately we have a Press that is also influenced by the other team in the capital.”

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