Allegri: ‘Harder next season for Juve’

Max Allegri analysed the Juventus season and why he is refusing to commit to next term yet. “I’ve had a clear idea what we needed to do since October.”

The Bianconeri already had the Scudetto sewn up weeks ago, but fought hard in tonight’s 2-0 defeat to Roma.

“It was a decent performance, but after three or four huge chances in the first half, we really should’ve created eight or nine clear-cut opportunities for the dominance we had in that game,” he told Sky Sport Italia.

“As for the opening goal, we should’ve cleared it into the stands and we would’ve avoided that too. We conceded the first on a poor clearance and the second on a counter-attack inside our half.”

Inevitably, the conversation turned to whether he is staying at Juventus next season and the upcoming summit with President Andrea Agnelli.

“As with every year, we have to sit down and figure out where the squad can be improved. It was a strong season, as we brought home trophies, but the Champions League was anomalous, as we reached the quarter-finals without five key players and paid for that.

“It’s not that those who replaced them weren’t up to it, but we had to use the same players regularly and they became tired over time.

“We’ll evaluate this year and the future, because after eight years – five under me – the next will be more difficult, the margin for error will be reduced and it’ll be increasingly difficult to win, including in Serie A.

“We have to be very clear and sharp in our analysis, the way we have been every year. It’s never been an issue for me.”

Allegri had also said in yesterday’s Press conference that he has been planning for next season for six months already.

“I’ve had a clear idea in my head on what we needed to do since October. We don’t play with just 12 players, so we need to be versatile and have different options, all of that creates motivation and excitement.

“I am at an extraordinary club that has given me the great opportunity to train Juventus, but a new season begins and we have to be clear-headed. We have to set aside everything that has been and focus only on a clear analysis of how we start from scratch in a new season.

“It’s only normal that the team can be improved every year, but it above all has to be balanced and the club has done very well in that building process.

“You can’t have two centre-forwards and two who aren’t centre-forwards at all. I had three central midfielders for a while at Milan and everyone thought I was mad.

“Clearly, it’ll be much, much more difficult next season in both Serie A and Europe.”

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