Raggi: ‘Stadio della Roma must wait’

Mayor of Rome Virginia Raggi warned the Stadio Della Roma project is not a priority. “First public works for the citizens, then football pitches.”

The attempts to build a new arena in the Capital have been hit by numerous problems, delays and setbacks.

This evening, Mayor Raggi spoke to news agency ANSA about the situation and sent out a stern warning.

“My only interest is that AS Roma maintain the promise made with the city: first public works for the citizens, then football pitches.

“First we need to unite the via del Mare with via Ostiense, first we intervene to strengthen the Roma-Lido rail line, and then we’ll build a stadium.”

Considering the many problems around the original Tor di Valle site, it’s reported the club will propose a new location near Fiumicino Airport.

“No more chatter. Tomorrow there is a summit planned on the Stadium between the club and our officials. I hope that tomorrow Roma will bring us a definitive and concrete proposal.”