Lazio: ‘Scientists aren’t fans!’

Lazio spokesperson Arturo Diaconale has urged Giovanni Rezza to focus on ‘finding a cure’ for COVID-19 after the health chief admitted he was a Roma fan.

Rezza said he would advise against the season resuming, but the integrity of his statement has now been called into question by Diaconale following his revelation that he supports Lazio’s arch-rivals.

“Sometimes being a fan also affects scientists and gets to their heads,” he told Adnkronos.

“They are experts who would be much more useful if, instead of concerning themselves with issues like football, found a way to effectively deal with the virus.

“Scientists are scientists, not fans. It would be really welcome if, instead of fuelling football controversy that isn’t needed, they devoted all their energy to finding a cure or vaccine that can stop the infection.”

On the other hand, Torino President Urbano Cairo was in agreement with Rezza.

“Professor Rezza is right, resuming the season in late May is impossible,” Cairo told ANSA.

“Today a man of science spoke, and he said something that I have long supported, simply because I’m familiar with numbers.

“Due to the current situation, there’s no point thinking about playing again in a month-and-a-half’s time.

“It’s unfortunate, and I stress the ‘unfortunate’ part as, in addition to Torino, I have the Gazzetta dello Sport and therefore I’d have an interest in the season resuming for obvious reasons.”

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