Cassano complains about Totti series

Antonio Cassano complained about his depiction in the Francesco Totti comedy-drama, assuring he ‘dressed even worse’, while the Totti actor ‘looks more like Mattia Perin.’

The six-part series on Sky Italia has just started and is called Speravo de Mori Prima.

Cassano spoke to his friend Christian Vieri’s video podcast, Bobo TV, about the show.

“First of all, he doesn’t look like me. Secondly, that’s not even a proper Bari accent. And third, I dressed even worse than that,” said Cassano.

“It would take 10 years to cover everything that I did at Roma. The number of times I’d stay out until the early hours with Totti, ooh! Sometimes I’d literally just stay up all night and go straight to training in the morning.

“I will always thank Totti’s mother and father, as well as Francesco, because they really did treat me like family. They made me look too annoying in the show and that’s not true.

“Plus the actor they got to play Totti doesn’t even look like him. If anything, he looks more like Mattia Perin!”

Cassano had some issues with the depiction of Totti in the locker room.

“They make him seem like someone who talks a lot, whereas he practically never said anything. When coaches would ask if the captain wanted to say something, he’d shake his head.”